four images / Plutonics Volume 13 -- march.2020

three macros / MICRO//MACRO #11, "ATTENTION" -- 21.dec.2018

two video poems / 1min; 1 min / SOBER. magazine -- 10.feb.2018

five macros / MICRO//MACRO #09, "(IN)COMPLETE" -- 6.jan.2018

"kind of tension this night is", 11min, video / reality beach [deprecated website] -- 25.jan.2018

"where was i", text / alien mouth -- 14.jul.2017

four macros / MICRO//MACRO #07, "LANGUAGE" -- 20.jun.2017

three macros / MICRO//MACRO #06, "S P A C E" -- 19.mar.2017

two gifs / peach magazine -- 31.jan.2017

two macros / fuck art let's dance [deprecated page] -- dec.2016

"found in the rat", gif; [accessory to murder], text / reality beach [deprecated website] -- oct.2016

five macros / tldr magazine -- 26.june.2016

"lovesong for ereba", text / freezeray poetry [ssl issue]-- 02.may.2016

"euphemisms for", text / metatron, omega blog -- 04.april.2016

"mycelium and the big bad electrovestigial experience", text/voice / voicemail poems -- spring.2016


"&now 2018", presenting with adam tedesco and julia madsen @ university of notre dame (notre dame, in) -- 05.oct.2018

"the unseen festival" @ counterpath (denver, co) -- 30.sep.2017

"{post}{flesh}{poetic}" @ nonation gallery and tangential unspace lab (chicago, il) -- 13.may.2017

"F L E S H T I V A L de m A R T E P E R F O R M A N C E" @ nonation gallery and tangential unspace lab (chicago, il) -- 19.may.2017

"D n o c E s t s a L t o n e s n e s e n s e n o t" @ nonation gallery and tangential unspace lab (chicago,il) -- 03.feb.2017


featured artist / reality beach / issue 4 [deprecated website]-- 24.jan.2017